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1. USP80(90) is more advance, more intelligent Ultrasonic spindle.


2. USP80(90) spindle body is stronger, the use of better precision, tool life longer.


3. USP80(90) speed of 18000 rpm, 24000 rpm, 30000 rpm, 40000 rpm four types.


4. Ultrasound in the use of a long time, will not make the ultrasonic power down, because it will not produce the problem of   temperature rise.


5. USP62-ER16 ultrasonic spindle motor characteristics and USP90-ER16 the same.


6. Our ultrasonic products will never leak electricity.


7.IHUGSP80-20K-1.5(0.75)KW  Inner Hole Ultrasonic Grinding Spindle Motor.


8. Automatic tool change The tool of the ultrasonic spindle motor can be placed in the normal mechanical tool magazine, which can be connected with the original mechanical operating system, without having to change many components.


9. Ultrasonic Product Surface Temperature Test :


 Using ultrasonic tools, the product is processed continuously for one week ,and the temperature of the ultrasonic tool (or ultrasonic source and surrounding conductive metal) is < 30 oC.


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