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  • Taiwan - Photo taken by Taiwan Fuwei 5 satellite
    Taiwan - Photo taken by Taiwan Fuwei 5 satellite

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       We are produce and sell AC high precision spindle motor,electrospindle,AC grinding spindle motor,Milling spindle motor,collet,Drilling spindle motor,Bit grinding spindle motor, engraving spindle motor,Ultrasonic tool holder,Ultrasonic spindle motor,Ultrasonic processor,for industries applications and all products Made In Taiwan.


      KLI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD founded in 1993, our company located in New Taipei City, Taiwan. As a pioneer technology company focused on product development and manufacturing, sales and maintenance. We also provide customer's R & D products.


     All the products before we ship through the test by our team,providing customer with the stable quality and quick response and services,which are ulimate goals.