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  • Ultrasonic Spindle
    Ultrasonic Spindle
  • Ultrasonic Spindle
    Ultrasonic Spindle
  • AUSP 120 (150)
    AUSP 120 (150)

13. Spindle of Ultrasonic Machining Center Machine -------- Please Click


 Precision machining can only be performed when the amplitude of

 the ultrasonic wave is stable. 



1.     Ultrasonic Spindle ( AUSP120  or  150 mm ) ------ 1 PC

2.     Ultrasonic Tool ( AUTH-BT30  or  AUTH-BT40 ) ------2 PCS

3.     Ultrasonic Processor ( UP ) ------ 1 PC

        (1)+(2)+(3) The three-item combination. The sales plan for this project.


The company can manufacture the ultrasonic spindle according to

 the customer's needs and appearance size for customers to use.

       Made in Taiwan