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Telephone conversation affect the conpany's operations. Sirs and ladies, if you want to ask about spindle and technical issues,


 please use e-mail to contact us, our technical staff or sales staff will replay your questions or quotations as soon as possible.

 ---- 2.2.2020


1. Dear users, if you need any type of spindle or equipment, please send the information to our company, we will reply to you in the shortest time.


2. The company's new products will be sent to users by e-mail (PDF file).


3. Our company's developers have jointly developed 40KW ultrasonic equipment with a university     

     research institute in Taiwan, and recently completed the development work.

    This year (2023) will inform our customers and hope to help them.


4. Our company's newly developed multi-dimensional ultrasonic actuator.

   Our company will complete the test and sell it in 2023.