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  • Serco Motor 400 W
    Serco Motor 400 W
  • Servo Motor Buffer
    Servo Motor Buffer

10. Ultrasonic Servo Motor Spindle USMSP50-ER11-0.4KW-0.75K ------ Please Click


1.Servo Motor : 0.4 Kw


2.Built-in planetary gear reducer.


    Reduction Ratio : 4 : 1


   There are four types reduction ratios :( 1:2 , 1:3: , 1:4 , 1:5 )


    Dimension : ø60, ø70, ø80, ø90, ø100, ø120, ø150.


3.Spindle Speed Output : 750 rpm.


   Generally, the noise quality of the built-in motor of the spindle is 68~75dB.


   The difference is due to the size of the HP.


4.The noise qualitynof planetary gear reducer : 68~82db.

    It is different due to the rato of gears and the size of gears.


5.Torque : 5.2 Nm.


6.The spindle is only used with a Servo motor. it can also be made without a reducer.


7.The spindle can also be use high frequency motor and built-in reducer.


8.Ultrasionic workers can process super-hard materials,

   and can also process materials with viscous materials.

   Tool life increases.


         Made in Taiwan