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Ultrasonic Tool Holder ( Ultrasonic Actuator ) ------ Please Click

New type of ultrasonic tool  holder to the characteristics :

1. Product processing time is shortened.

2. Find the parameters of the processing time is shortened.

3. Easy maintenance of ultrasonic tool holder.

4. Ultrasonic tool holder to strengthen the body.   

5. Each MUTH-BT to manually adjust the amplitude range of 1um ~ 30um.  

  (Due to the size of the tool, length, material and change)

6. Ultrasonic processor is not open, the ultrasonic tool holder can be used as a normal tool holder   
to use. 

7. However, the use of ultrasound, no use of ultrasonic processing parameters, techniques, 

     methods are different, the operator must remember, and careful, patient.

8.The old ultrasonic tool holder can not, must use the ultrasound function, to work.


9. Ultrasonic Product Surface Temperature Test : 

  Using ultrasonic tools, the product is processed continuously for one week , and the temperature of the ultrasonic tool (or ultrasonic source  and surrounding contuctive metal) is < 30 oC.


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