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Our designers will design suitable ultrasonic multi-dimensional tools (materials to be processed, mechanical progression, and tools to be processed) based on the current processing conditions of the customer.  


1. Multidimensional ultrasonic actuator project:Two-dimensional, three-dimensional, four-dimensional and five-dimensional ultrasonic actuator tests have been completed.


2. There are two combinations of two-dimensional ultrasonic processing methods, one is drilling, and the other is cutting and grinding or milling.


3.Three-dimensional ultrasonic design (a.b.c. power supply) uses two-dimensional processing methods in three combinations (ab.ac.bc) so that you can  find the most suitable processing method. Another processing method is to start three-dimensional together (a.b.c.).- - Suitable for milling or multi-dimensional robotic arms, three-axis or four-axis or five-axis processing machines. 

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