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Ultrasonic Products

Ultrasonic Spindle Motor And Ultrasonic Tool Holder :


 The development trend of machine tools will be toward the way of processing products using ultrasonic equipment, because the processing time can be shortened and the processing steps are reduced, and the processing cost is reduced and the profit is increased. 


Ultrasonic Application :


 Solar panel processing, moldung processing and Dental mold processing and PCB board processing and LED ceramics foundation plate, touch panel processing and super hardness material.


  Applies grinds hard or ultra hard material processing in the cutting-like glass and stone, gem, ceramics, vulcanization sillcon,ziconium and dioxide aluminum.


Ultrasonic Product Surface Temperature Test :


 Using ultrasonic tools,the product is processed continuoussly for one week ,

and the temperature of the ultrasonic tool ( or ultrasonic source and surrounding conductive metal ) is < 30 oC.


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