KLI Technology Co Ltd

1.Excellent Performance 2.Reliable Quality 3.Fast Delivery 4.Good Price 5.Easy Maintenance 6.OEM 7.ODM 8.Ultrasonic Processing Products-Foundry


1. Our original website company was acquired by this company. because the system is different,we need to re-establish the website. 

 www.toolingmachine.biz |    Number of visitors so far: 648358


 2.The company's products have more than 100 types of spindles. After re-establishing the website, no more types will be published.



 3.Dear users, if you need any type of spindle or equipment,please send the information to our company,we will reply to you in the shortest time.



 4.The company's new products will be sent to users by e-mail (PDF file).